The School of Computer Science and Statistics offers the following undergraduate programmes:

Integrated Computer Science: a single honours computer science programme with optional, integrated master’s year;

Joint Honours Computer Science, which can be combined with another Trinity Joint Honours subject (Business, Geography or Linguistics);

Computer Science, Linguistics and a Language: a multidisciplinary programme combining Computer Science, Linguistics and either French, German (for entrants up to 2020-2021), Spanish (for entrants from 2021-2022 onwards) or Modern Irish;

Management Science and Information Systems Studiesa programme combining the study of information technology and systems with business, management and quantitative methods;

Computer Engineering or Electronic and Computer Engineering: strands within Trinity’s Engineering programme with an optional, integrated master’s year;

Statistics (minor subject): a minor subject available to Mathematics students.

Undergraduate Handbook

Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

Dr Goetz Botterweck