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General Information

The Engineering degree programme is based on two years of general engineering, providing students with a firm grounding in the principles common to all disciplines, followed by two or three years of specialization. Students completing the four-year programme will graduate with a BAI qualification, while those who undertake the five-year programme will graduate with a master’s level or MAI qualification. You can decide which degree you wish to study for at the end of third year.

In the Junior Sophister (third) year, you will begin to encounter Computer Engineering topics at a more advanced level. At the end of third year, you will elect to enter fourth year with the intention of graduating with a MAI in Computer Engineering at the end of the fifth year. 

In the first half of fourth year, you will study a range of more advanced topics. In the second half of fourth year, you will undertake an Industrial Internship in any one of a wide range of companies. Alternatively, you may undertake an internship in a Research Laboratory. Your internship will last approximately eight months.

In the first half of fifth year, on your return from your internship, you will study a further range of topics at Master’s level. Finally, in the second half of fifth year, you will select and carry out an in-depth research project and submit a dissertation.


Dr. Andrew Butterfield
Assistant Professor

Course Director of Computer Engineering

Hannah Archbold
Administrative Officer