Technical and Software Support

SCSS User Support (

The primary source of user support information is and you will need your SCSS account details to access this site.


Microsoft Office 365

All TCD students can use the Microsoft Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, etc.) free of charge. Instructions are available in the IT Service website.

VMWare and Microsoft Imagine Premium

Students taking a degree or module in the School of Computer Science and Statistics can avail of free software from Microsoft and VMWare. Instructions for accessing this software are available on our main SCSS user support site (SCSS username and password required)

Other software

A full list of other software available to students can also be found on the IT Services website.

Computer / Laptop Advice

As a student in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, you will spend a lot of time engaged in online learning activities or working on coursework assignments. It is important that you have access to a computer all day Monday to Friday and at other times for independent study.

The following is our recommended specification for students and applies equally to desktop PCs and laptops running either Windows, macOS or Linux.

ItemRecommended SpecificationHigher Specification
(if your budget allows)
ProcessorIntel Core-i5 or Apple M1 or equivalentIntel Core-i7 or Apple M1/M2 or equivalent
Storage (Hard Drive)256GB – 512GB
(SSD preferred)
512GB – 1TB
(SSD preferred)
Display (Monitor)Full HD (1080p)Any higher resolution (* see notes below)
Operating SystemWindows 10, macOS or Linux (see notes below)Windows 10, macOS or Linux (see notes below)

Trinity’s IT Services also offer advice for students purchasing computer hardware as well as details of some offers and discounts that you can avail of as a Trinity student. Visit the IT Services website for more details.

If you are purchasing a laptop, rather than spending a lot on one with a very large, high resolution display, consider purchasing an external display (“monitor”) plus a separate keyboard and mouse. You will be spending a lot of time working on your computer and an external display, keyboard and mouse for your laptop will be less tiring for your eyes and allow you to adopt a better posture. (See TCD Disability Service guidelines on Healthy Computer Use.)

In theory you can use a computer with Windows 10, macOS (Apple) or Linux. Windows is the operating system that will be most widely supported by software used in SCSS but very many students and staff use macOS and Linux. The choice will depend on your personal preference (and budget).