JHCS Year 1

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Computer Science & Business

Junior Fresh

The following is a brief overview of the modules taken in Junior Fresh year. Prospective students should read the brief descriptions of the courses below the table which follows.

Current students should follow the links (to the eLearning environment, “Blackboard”, or to the module website) or refer to my.tcd.ie for full details, including assessment criteria and learning outcomes.

General Information

Computer Science Core Modules

CSU11001 – Mathematics I

(Semester 1, 5 ECTS) The module aims to provide students with an introduction to the mathematics, both continuous and discrete, which lies at the foundation of many real-world applications in Computer Science, Engineering and the Social Sciences.

CSU11013 – Programming Project

(Semester 2, 5 ECTS) This module concentrates on the development of practical programming ability through example-based lecturing coupled with intensive laboratory sessions. The emphasis throughout is on producing working programs, starting with interactive graphical applications and moving on to construction of a larger group project involving a data visualisation task.

CSU11021 – Introduction to Computing I

(Semester 1, 5 ECTS) An introduction to the basic structure and operation of a computer system, focussing on the processor (CPU), memory and the execution of programs.

CSU11022 – Introduction to Computing II

(Semester 2, 5 ECTS) This module continues directly from CSU11021 and examines the structure and behavior of computer systems in greater depth. In particular, this module introduces students to the implementation of simple data structures (stacks, multi dimensional arrays, composite data types), subroutines (including parameter passing conventions), exceptions, interrupts and basic I/O at the machine level.