M.Sc. in Computer Science

Dear Student, Congratulations on joining the M.Sc. in Computer Science programme at Trinity College Dublin. This one-calendar-year programme, established in 2017, is aimed at graduates of computer science or cognate disciplines, who are keen to deepen their existing knowledge of Computing, and to go on to have rewarding careers in Computing or in a profession that has Computing or IT as a core component. This course is also a suitable preparation for a research career and several previous graduates have continued on to PhD studies within TCD or abroad. The course allows students to specialize in one of four technical strands: Data Science, Future Networked Systems, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems.

Prof Doug Leith

M.Sc. Computer Science – Course Director

Professor. Douglas Leith
Chair of Computer Systems

Course Information

About the Strands

Each strand consists of a mix of core, specialist and optional modules, drawn from a shared pool of modules, to ensure breadth and depth of technical content. Students can expect to be at the leading edge of research associated with these strands.

Course Handbook

Data Science – Strand Leader

Ms. Mimi Zhang
Assistant Professor, Statistics

Data Science or Big Data has become a hugely important topic in recent years finding applications in Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, Smart Cities and elsewhere. In this strand, Trinity’s leading experts in this field will guide you through how to gather and store data (using IoT and cloud computing technologies, process it (using advanced statistics and techniques such as machine learning) and deliver new insights and knowledge from the data.

Augmented & Virtual Reality -Strand Leader

Dr. Michael Manzke
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

The Augmented & Virtual Reality strand equips students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to participate in the design and development of the technology that underpins fast moving video game market as well as providing transferable skills relevant for careers in the wider industries of interactive entertainment, new media and communication. This strand is a modified version of the well-established and successful MSc in Interactive Entertainment Technology and is built on research expertise in the Trinity Centre for Creative Technologies. This Centre is based on a unique collaboration of Computer Science, Engineering, Drama and the Arts. The focus is on the creative technologies including film, interactive multimedia, games, and simulation.

Future Networked Systems – Strand Leader

Dr. Melanie Bouroche
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Computer networking has transformed society over the past 20 years and is continuing to enable new advances from social networking through Internet-of-Things to Cloud computing. The Future Networked Systems strand builds on research activity within the CONNECT research centre and a long history of innovation and start-up companies at the school.

Intelligent Systems – Strand Leader

Ms. Gaye Stephens
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

The Intelligent Systems strand focuses on smart, interactive web applications and systems, which are becoming an integral part of our daily lives – at home, in the workplace, and in social interaction. Designing and building these systems requires expertise in artificial intelligence, human language understanding and generation, web systems and applications, data analytics and knowledge engineering. This strand is closely linked to the school’s research groups involved in the ADAPT centre for Digital Content Technology.

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