CS7IS5 – Adaptive Applications

Module CodeCS7IS5
Module NameAdaptive Applications
ECTS Weighting [1]5 ECTS
Semester TaughtSemester 2
Module Coordinator/s  Associate Professor Owen Conlan

Module Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast different approaches to designing and delivering adaptive applications;
  2. Understand users of complex applications and model their behaviours, preferences and tasks;
  3. As part of a team, design and develop powerful adaptive applications by identifying an appropriate use case and associated evaluation criteria, surveying the state of the art in existing adaptive applications and identifying their applicability to the use case, designing the models and adaptive intelligence required to fulfil the use case, building a fully functional adaptive application based on the identified use case, evaluating the appropriateness of the implemented system, collaboratively writing a group report detailing the application produced and how the team functioned;
  4. Write a research paper outlining the research carried out during the design, development and evaluation of the adaptive application.

Module Content

Specific topics addressed in this module include:

  • User modelling, including;
  • Task modelling;
  • User preferences;
  • User characteristics;
  • User behaviour;
  • Domain modelling;
  • Content and service modelling;
  • Personalisation approaches;
  • Personalised visualisations;
  • Adaptive techniques;
  • Case studies in adaptive applications, including;
  • Intelligent agents;
  • Recommender systems;
  • Advanced AI techniques.
  • Semantic model design
  • Metadata representations
  • Heuristic models

Teaching and Learning Methods

Two 1-hour lectures per week; individual research and reading; engaging meaningfully in group work activities

Assessment Details

Assessment ComponentBrief DescriptionLearning Outcomes Addressed% of TotalWeek SetWeek Due
Group ProjectInitial Presentation,
Technical Development,
Team work, Project
Demonstration, Project
LO1, LO2, LO340%Week 2Week 13
Individual Reporting of
Group Project
Personal Diary of
engagement with group
LO310%Week 6Week 13
Individual Research PaperWrite a research paper
outlining the research
carried out during the
design, development and
evaluation of the adaptive
LO1, LO2, LO450%Week 2Week 13

Reassessment Details

Significant individual CA activities designed to re-evaluate and re-assess knowledge, understanding and attainment on all LO’s.

Contact Hours and Indicative Student Workload

Contact Hours (scheduled hours per student over full module), broken down by:44 hours
Lecture22 hours
Laboratory11 hours
Tutorial or seminar11 hours
Other0 hours
Independent Study (outside scheduled contact hours), broken down by:72 hours
Preparation for classes and review of material (including preparation for examination, if applicable)36 hours
Completion of assessments (including examination, if applicable)36 hours
Total Hours116 hours

Recommended Reading List

Module Pre-requisites

Prerequisite modules: N/A

Other/alternative non-module prerequisites: N/A

Module Co-requisites


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Guest Access (for students exploring change of module options):

Week 1: Lecture 1