CS7044 – Research Paper

Module CodeCS7044
Module NameResearch Paper
ECTS Weighting[1] 10 ECTS
Semester taughtSemester 1 & 2
Module Coordinator/s  Dr Mads Haahr (Coordinator) and other Lecturers

Module Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

LO1. Identify a relevant and feasible area of research
LO2. Formulate and clarify a focused research question
LO3. Demonstrate clarity of problem definition and scope
LO4. Successfully plan and manage an extended research and writing process
LO5. Locate and assess potential research sources
LO6. Evaluate sources for their relevance to the topic at hand and the existing
field of knowledge
LO7. Critically analyse and integrate appropriate secondary literature
LO8. Demonstrate apposite close reading skills (for example, reading for key
concepts, assessing the logic of arguments put forward, finding the
contexts of claims made, establishing the addressee of the text or
arguments, summarizing and re-presenting arguments, etc.) and a
working knowledge of what constitutes an explanation, of how to
substantiate claims, and provide sufficient evidence in support of
LO9. Make an informed choice about appropriate research methods and/or
approaches for specific research questions
LO10. Demonstrate proficiency in the analysis and interpretation of qualitative
and/or quantitative data, where appropriate
LO11. Show an awareness of, and ability to, articulate the ground from which
the analysis proceeds and from which arguments, evidence,
explanations, and logic are assessed
LO12. Make logical connections between premises and conclusions, assertions
and evidence, case studies and arguments, analyses and
exemplifications, cause (s) and effect(s), statements of intent and
motivations, and statement of fact and interpretation
LO13. Sustain a coherent line of extended argument that engages with existing
knowledge in the chosen area of study and exercise critical judgement
on the information and/or explanations they offer
LO14. Use analytic skills in writing (rather than extensive description in lieu of
LO15. Write in a clear style and adhere to conventional academic practice with
regards citations, footnotes, and referencing
LO16. Demonstrate the independent learning ability required to advance his or
her knowledge and understanding as part of their on-going professional
development Second learning outcome

Module Content

The aim of the Research Paper is to develop students’ research and writing abilities
via a substantial piece of independent work. Further, it aims for learners to
demonstrate proficiency in the design of a research paper, application of
appropriate research methods or approaches, collection and analysis of data and/or
relevant literature, and application of area-specific theories and concepts. Students
are expected to formulate their own research question (with the guidance of their
Lecturers), to gather and select material to answer their research question, and set
out their findings in an appropriate academic style

Teaching and learning Methods

Research seminars and the submission of a Research Paper proposal to the Module

Assessment Details

Assessment ComponentBrief DescriptionLearning Outcomes Addressed% of totalWeek setWeek Due
12,000-word Research Paper
undertaken by independent

Reassessment Details

Contact Hours and Indicative Student Workload

Contact Hours (scheduled hours per student over full module), broken down by:0 hours
Lecture0 hours
Laboratory0 hours
Tutorial or seminar0 hours
Other0 hours
Independent study (outside scheduled contact hours), broken down by:0 hours
Preparation for classes and review of material (including preparation for examination, if applicable0 hours
completion of assessments (including examination, if applicable)0 hours
Total Hours0 hours

Recommended Reading List

Variable, depending on the students’ chosen topics.

Module Pre-requisites

Prerequisite modules:

Other/alternative non-module prerequisites:

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