CSB Year 3

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Junior Sophister

In the Junior Sophister (third) year, students take a combination of subjects, of which 20 ECTS must be from business, 20 ECTS must be from computer science the remaining 20 ECTS can be from either. The computer science modules offered to Junior Sophister students are shown below.

Current students should follow the links to the eLearning environment, (Blackboard), or to the module website or refer to my.tcd.ie for full details, including assessment criteria and learning outcomes.

General Information

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CSU33012 – Software Engineering

(Semester 1, 5 ECTS) This module provides students with a solid grounding in various aspects related to building large software systems.
This entails (i) recognising the general software life cycle and its stages from domain analysis to maintenance, (ii) analysing software in the problem domain, (iii) identifying the fundamental approaches to managing software projects and teams, (iv) distinguishing the roles of stakeholders in a software project in general and in software teams in particular, (v) to understand how to measure and reflect team performance.

CSU33013 – Software Engineering Project II

(Semester 2, 5 ECTS) This module follows on directly from CSU33012 (Software Engineering) and focuses on the practical application of the various concepts and tools related to building software systems studied in third year software engineering.

CSU33061 – Artificial Intelligence I

(Semester 2, 5 ECTS) An introduction to Artificial Intelligence covering basic topics search and knowledge representation, including an introduction to probabilistic reasoning

CSU34016 – Introduction to Functional Programming

(Semester 1, 5 ECTS) Functional programming languages present a powerful, abstract, and important direction in programming languages. This modules uses the functional programming language called “Haskell” to introduce key concepts such as how to compute using functions, and how these languages can easily support powerful features such as pattern-matching, recursion, strong typing, type polymorphism, higher-order functions, laziness, and type classes.

STU33005 – Information Systems

(Semester 2, 5 ECTS) The aim of the module is to introduce students to the crucial role that Information Systems play in all aspects of society and the workplace as these domains undergo trans-formative change.

CSU33BC1 – E-Business I

Module CodeCSU33BC1Module Namee-Business IECTS Weighting[1]5 ECTSSemester taughtSemester 1Module Coordinator/s  Dr Hadi Tabatabaee Module Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module, students will be able to: LO1. Understand the Architecture…

Business School Modules

Year 3: Junior Sophister