Suspected and Confirmed Cases of Covid-19

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you should stay at home and contact your own GP or College Health on (01) 896 1556. If a test is recommended, you should follow the HSE instructions, stay at home and await the result.

If you receive a negative test result …

If you receive a negative result, you can return to campus after 48 hours or as advised by the HSE. This is dependent on HSE Guidelines (e.g. a close contact of a confirmed case may require testing at day 1 and day 7.)

Do not return to campus if you feel unwell in any way.

If you receive a positive test result …

STEP 1: Email and provide …

  • your full name,
  • your student ID (student number),
  • the name of your degree programme (e.g. Integrated Computer Science) and the year you are in (e.g. Year 2),
  • the date you first noticed symptoms (if you had any)
  • the date you received your positive test result
  • the late you were last on campus
  • other information that you feel may be relevant

STEP 2: Notify your tutor or lecturers if you will miss any mandatory classes or assessments …

e.g. in-class tests, mandatory labs, assignments